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LN2 Cryogenic Resources by Kryeros, Inc.

Kryeros is a full-service cryogenic resource company offering cold-chain consulting, system design services and equipment. Understanding which equipment to use for specific applications and how to set up an efficient, safe operation is where Kryeros makes your life easier.

Cryogenic Products

Small Freezers

Designed for the safe transport and storage of biological samples.

Storage Dewars

For safe storage and dispensing of small amounts of liquid nitrogen.

Vapor Shippers

For the safe transport of biological samples in a vapor-stage.

Vial Storage

For liquid- or vapor-stage vial storage in convenient box-type racks.

K Series Freezer Systems

Reliable, efficient liquid nitrogen storage and easy access to stored samples for laboratory or office use.

LABS Freezer Systems

LABS freezers feature highly efficient units with very low LN 2 consumption.

Full-Service Cryogenic Consulting Services

Kryeros can help you create complete compliance packages, including URS, DQ, RA, IQ, OQ and PQ design, authoring and implementation.