Frequently Asked Questions about Semen Tanks

The purpose of IC Biomedical’s semen tanks is to preserve your investment until it can be put to its intended use – no matter how long that may be. We get a lot of questions about semen storage and transportation. Here are some of the typical questions we get asked by end users.

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The number one reason is our products are made in the United States (Cartersville, GA) and with US-sourced materials. We follow world-class manufacturing standards so you can be assured each tank is the highest quality. Next, our neck tubes are designed to be stronger and last longer. When a tank is filled with LN2 and moved, the liquid will cause the inner vessel to swing and sway. Our neck tubes are designed to last longer with a reinforced structure that provides added strength. We use a grade of aluminum that allows sway without breaking. Some manufacturers, to save money, have thinner neck tubes which can cause premature failure. IC Biomedical’s neck tubes are thicker to last longer and keep your samples safer.