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SC 4/3V w/ PPSC


SpecificationSC 4/3V
Maximum Storage Capacity
No. of Canisters1
No. of 1/2 cc Straws 10/cane120
No. of 1/2 cc Straws 1 Level Bulk210
No. of 1/4 cc Straws 1 Level Bulk452
No. of 1.2 & 2.0 ml Vials 5/cane40
No. of 1.2 & 2.0 ml Vials 6/cane48
No. of blood bags stored 4R9953-
Performance (Hold Time overrides NER specifications)
LN2 Capacity L4.3
Static Holding Time Days21
Static Evaporation Rate* L/day0.2
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening in. (mm)2.00 (51.0)
Overall Height in. (mm)19.4 (492)
Outer Diameter in. (mm)8.70 (222)
Canister Height in. (mm)11.0 (279)
Canister Diameter in. (mm)1.81 (46)
Weight Empty lb. (kg)11.6 (5.3)
Weight Charged lb. (kg)19.1 (8.7)
Weight Full lb. (kg)21.0 (9.5)
Protective Shipping Container Part No.20750409