Vapor Shipper Series

With Advanced QWick™ Charge Technology

The MVE Vapor Shipper Series is designed for the safe transportation
of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures. MVE
Vapor Shipper Series utilizes the Advanced QWick Charge Technology
that will charge the vapor shipper in two hours. *New/warm tanks still
need to be filled with LN2 and allowed to sit for 24 hours to achieve
maximum hold time. When a tank is already cold, the Advanced QWick
Charge technology will apply, providing the benefit of same-day vapor
shipping. Manufactured from durable, lightweight aluminum, the
vapor shippers employ a hydrophobic compound which absorbs the
liquid nitrogen to ensure dry, spill-free vapor- phase shipping. MVE
Protective Shipping Containers are recommended for usage. These
containers may be used to ship your samples with a “non-hazardous”
classification throughout

VaporShipper Series