Revolution High-Capacity Cryogenic Freezers

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The Next Generation of Biopharmaceutical High-Capacity Cryogenic Storage

As the value of stored material increases and the regulatory environment becomes more demanding, it’s time for a Revolution!

Revolution Features

  • Multi-option dual/redundant level sensing
  • State-of-the-art touchscreen control system with data network
  • Password-protected inventory access
  • Variable temperature control
  • Automation-ready with onboard inventory options
  • Motor-driven tray
  • Network inventory management and pick lists

Automation-Ready with Onboard
Inventory Management Database

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ICBiomedical Revolution Freezer
IC Biomedical Revolution System

Revolution can be used as a manually-operated high-capacity freezer or as a fully automated system.

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User management & permission control

  • Three-tier audit trail
  • System Monitoring & Alerts

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Revolution Automation Overview

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Revolution Automation Touch Sceens

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