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Doble 47-10


Hold Time Mastery: The MVE Doble 47 stands out in the realm of cryogenic storage either in liquid phase or vapor phase with its exceptional hold time, ensuring prolonged preservation of your valuable biological samples. This innovative freezer boasts an industry-leading hold time, maintaining ultra-low temperatures to safeguard the integrity of your specimens for extended durations. Experience the confidence that comes with extended storage capabilities, allowing you to focus on your research without compromise.

Generous Sample Capacity: With a capacious interior, the Doble 47 provides ample storage capacity to accommodate a bulk storage samples. This cryogenic storage solution is designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories, offering a spacious environment for efficient sample organization and management. From cell cultures to biological materials of varying sizes, this freezer ensures versatility and flexibility in sample storage.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Dual-Mode Operation: The Doble 47 features a unique dual-mode operation, allowing users to storge biological samples in either liquid phase or vapor phase. With the same form, fit, and function of the world class XC-47/11, this tank has the absorbent material to extend the capabilities to ship and store in vapor phase.
  2. Robust Construction for Durability: Crafted with durability in mind, the Doble 47 boasts a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of daily laboratory use. The outer shell is designed for longevity, ensuring that this cryogenic freezer remains a reliable and integral part of your research facility for years to come.
  3. Enhanced Safety Features: Prioritize safety with the Doble 47, equipped with advanced safety features to protect both users and samples. From secure locking mechanisms to comprehensive temperature monitoring systems, this cryogenic freezer goes the extra mile to ensure the security of your valuable biological materials.

Elevate your cryogenic storage capabilities with the Doble 47 – where extended hold time, generous sample capacity, and innovative features converge to redefine the standards of excellence in preserving your most critical biological specimens. Trust in this advanced freezer to provide the reliability and performance your research demands.


SpecificationDoble 47-10
Number of Canisters10
No. of 1/2 cc Straws 10/cane3500
Vial Capacity1050
LN2 Capacity w/o Inventory L est.46
Vapor Capacity L6
Static Evaporation Rate L/day0.4
Working Duration days for liquid72
Working Duration days for vapor21
Neck Opening in (mm)5.00 (127)
Overall Height in (mm)26.5 (673)
Outside Diameter in (mm)20.0 (508)
Canister Height in (mm)11 (279)
Canister Diameter in (mm)2.81 (72)
Weight Empty lb. (kg)41 (18.5)
Weight Charged vapor lb. (kg)54.6 (24.7)
Weight Full liquid lb. (kg)117 (53.1)
Protective Shipping Container Part No.14035731