MVE Biological Solutions for IVF

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank at life sciences laboratory

MVE Biological Solutions stands as a pioneering entity in the realm of assisted reproductive technology, particularly in the development and provision of advanced cryogenic solutions for the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) market. Their extensive range of tanks caters to the diverse needs of laboratories and fertility clinics worldwide. From large-scale liquid nitrogen storage units to compact portable models, MVE tanks offer precise temperature control and reliable cryopreservation capabilities crucial for the safe storage of gametes and embryos. With a commitment to innovation and quality, MVE tanks are engineered to maintain optimal conditions for the delicate processes involved in IVF procedures, ensuring the integrity and viability of reproductive materials essential for achieving successful outcomes in fertility treatments.


MVE tanks are instrumental in efficiently storing large volumes of samples while enabling automatic LN2 filling in the IVF market. These tanks boast precision engineering and advanced automation features, allowing embryologists to maintain consistent cryogenic temperatures without manual intervention. With their capacity for accommodating a vast number of samples and seamless LN2 replenishment mechanisms, MVE tanks streamline the storage process, ensuring the viability and integrity of reproductive materials crucial for successful IVF procedures.

Storage Dewars

MVE aluminum cryogenic tanks represent a cornerstone in the IVF market, renowned for their robust construction and unparalleled temperature stability. Embryologists rely on these tanks to securely store and preserve gametes and embryos at ultra-low temperatures, safeguarding the viability of reproductive materials crucial for assisted reproduction procedures. The MVE XC-47/11 tank, with its compact size and convenient features, stands out as the ideal solution for storage at an embryologist workstation, providing easy access to cryopreserved materials while maintaining the stringent temperature requirements essential for successful IVF protocols.

XC Series

Vapor Shippers

MVE cryogenic shippers serve as indispensable tools for shipping samples within the IVF market, ensuring the safe and reliable transport of gametes and embryos. These tanks are meticulously designed to maintain stable cryogenic temperatures in vapor phase during transit, safeguarding the viability and integrity of precious reproductive materials. With their robust construction and advanced insulation, MVE tanks offer a secure means of transporting samples across distances, facilitating seamless collaboration between fertility clinics and laboratories in the global IVF community.

VaporShipper Series