High-Capacity Laboratory Freezers

LABS Series – Laboratory Archival Biological Storage Cryostorage Systems

 State-of-the-Art Engineered Cryogenic Freezers

Featuring highly efficient units with very low LN2 consumption and extremely stable near-liquid temperatures at the top of the inventory control systems, the LABS Series is the benchmark in biobanking cold storage equipment.

Liquid nitrogen storage in either liquid or vapor phase applications make the LABS Series the definitive choice for long-term sample storage application where temperature stability and sample security are required.

LABS Freezer Features:

  • LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Single-point aluminum turntable design
  • Hinged lid and stainless steel tabletop working surface
  • Enhanced and intuitive controller technology
  • Capabilities for data collection, event scheduling, and enhanced security settings

K Series – Cryostorage Systems

Reliable, Efficient Cryogenic Freezers With Easy Access to Samples

Featuring the safety of electronic controllers that monitor and manage liquid level, temperature and a full array of alarms, K Series Cryostorage Systems provide sample storage solutions for either liquid or vapor phase applications when equipped with suitable inventory control systems.

With vial storage capacities from approximately 3000 to more than 38,000, the K Series Cryostorage systems provide easy-to-use sample storage and retrieval for many types of cryogenic storage applications.

K Series Freezer Features:

  • LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Stainless steel vacuum vessel
  • Modular design
  • Durable powder coated cabinet
  • Caster mounted
  • Superior vacuum performance


Designed For The Animal Husbandry Market

High efficiency – very low LN2 consumption

  • Storage capacity of 93,000 0.5cc straws (10 straws per cane)
  • LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase

Single pivot point aluminum turntable design –smooth rotation and ergonomic use

  • Hinged lockable lid and full-size stainless steel tabletop
  • Easy operation with a convenient working surface
  • Eliminates any mechanical component maintenance
  • Full height, segmented and labeled turntable provides easy inventory storage access and management
  • Convenient access to measure LN2 level
  • Available with Optional Liquid Level Controller

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