LN2 High Capacity

HC Series

Our high capacity refrigerators are designed for storing large quantities.

  • Large storage capacity
  • Rugged construction – ribbed high strength aluminum body, magneformed necktube design, durable paint
  • Numbered index ring and tapered internal canister locator
  • Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides maximum holding times
  • Security – lockable lid and optional low liquid level alarm with remote connection available
  • Mobility – roller bases available for all models

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  • Worthington HCL12 Series Refrigerator

    Worthington HCL12

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  • Worthington HC20 Series Refrigerator

    Worthington HC20

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  • Worthington HC34 Series Refrigerator

    Worthington HC34

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  • Worthington HC35 Series Refrigerator

    Worthington HC35

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  • Worthington VHC35 Series Refrigerator

    Worthington VHC35

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  • Worthington VHC38 Refigerator

    Worthington VHC38

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